Hi this is my art blog, i draw alot of Hannibal and Roosterteeth .there is a link to my main blog, if you want it.
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this is my fave Hoodie

Me and flower-mama-molly - Based on this

Based on X

All Hail King Ray

Finished the Lineart so here is a preview of my King!Ray

trying to find common ground in between my two favourite ways to draw right now

hey guys go check out my Redbubble, also any suggestions for shirts or stickers, drop me a message~


Ray got 100’000 Followers on Twitch, heres my celebration picture~

Day reblog!




Hi everyone!! This will be my first giveaway EVER so please be patient

basically i reach 100 followers on my art blog so this will be a giveaway for that!!



1 custom button or 2 stickers, free sketch, free full color drawing (anything you want all drawn and made by me!)


full color drawing, 1 sticker


Chibi, a Icon

now Rules since there are always some

  • Must be following my Art blog »»Here««
  • 1 Like + 1 Reblog
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Have to be willing to give me your address

it Ends June 30th at Midnight CST

must message back in 24 hours otherwise i choose someone else

im extending the end Date to July 28th

GUYS SERIOUSLY REBLOG!! i wont be doing it if it doesnt get enough reblogs and likes so please enter i really want to be able to show y’all thanks